Connecting to a Baby’s Soul & Destiny

"I’ve found that one of my favorite moments in being a Doula is when I get the opportunity to hold the baby after delivery. It is in this quiet moment that I am able to acknowledge the Soul of the Child. I honor and say to the Baby that "I see you, I see that you have...

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The Journey of a Manifested Dream

 Elevating Thought... The writing of a book brings up so much. The release and launch of a first book brings up even more! Yet,there is still immense joy in my heart, it is a deep joy even though I shall express my momentary grief and feelings of sadness now. Tears of...

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EmPower Your Birth!

A profound and uplifting Childbirth Educational experience! An experience that will result in you and your partner being on the same page about birth. Minds get expanded and hearts will open, effortlessly. Please join us! TO REGISTER, GO TO: ...

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