ENCOURAGEMENT FOR PREGNANT MAMAS! I just wanted to share that you can do it! I just had an incredible experience with a first time pregnant mom, a Hypnomom, who rocked her first hypnobirth! She just learned about Hypnobabies one month ago and only had time to do the Self-Study Course. (She was living, breathing, eating, peeing and pooping Hypnobabies.) She was determined and amazing… just like each of you! We got to the hospital and she was 9 cm! The nurses were excited and couldn’t stop talking to her (post birth). A 10 hr birth from start to finish. The on-call doctor that caught her baby was so impressed! After he de-gloved, washed his hands, he turned to me, shook my hand and introduced himself by his first name! I was so shocked, I still don’t recall his name. LoL!

So… if you’re pregnant and Hypnobabies resonates with you, contact me to find out more! https://doulalovescreation.com/project/childbirth-education/

The above is one of the reasons why I believe in Hypnobabies. I have been a doula and childbirth educator for many, many years and I have had a variety of births. But I must say, as more Hypnomamas hired me as their doula, I began to see a clear pattern with these women. They were internally focused while consciously using their Hypnobabies hypnosis techniques that created a more peaceful and calm birthing experience for them.

Our next Hypnobabies class series begins, July 23rd. https://doulalovescreation.com/contact/

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