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Postpartum Support/Life Coaching

Being a mother for the first time is a multitude of emotions and feelings all at once. The joy, happiness, love, gratitude that a new mama feels in her heart for her newborn baby is beyond heart opening. The words, “I am so in love” is repeated so many times by new moms, and these words are definitely true. This beautiful incredible new human is the child you have always wanted, you and your husband/partner’s loving (with God’s grace) created this phenomenal little soul…. hence, “I am so in love.”  And still yet, there is another phase of this postpartum mommy-hood that occurs. Feelings of overwhelm, shock, sleepless nights, questions, am I enough, how am I going to do this, I don’t think I’m capable of being a good mother, am I doing this right, what’s wrong with me, why is breastfeeding so challenging, etc., etc., etc. Mamas, if you are having any of these thoughts are feeling this way, and you feel you need to speak with someone or need someone to listen to you, I invite you to reach out for support. If you would like to schedule a session, please contact me. You are not alone. And remember this, you are not your thoughts and feelings. You are a first time mama who is learning how to be a mama and navigate through mothering as you develop your intuition and you are learning how to balance all that is happening within and around you. Even if you are a second time mama, you too are learning how to navigate through having two or more children.  Please be patient and kind to yourself. I believe in you, you can do this.

It is my intention to give to anyone who seeks it, the love, patience, compassion, guidance and understanding that was given to me by my spiritual teacher and so many other great teachers. If you are struggling in your life, if you need guidance and clarity and are not sure where to turn. If you feel overwhelmed in your relationship, if you do not feel you are living your purpose, I invite you to contact me. Peace, love and light to you. Extraordinary things can happen when our hearts are open and we are willing.

To schedule a Life Coaching Session, please contact me.


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