Grounded, resourceful, experienced, funny, and all around WONDERFUL! I call her my doula mama, and while I do not think there are words to express my utmost gratitude and sheer awe of Angela, I will try…I knew as soon as I got pregnant that I needed a doula. I felt like I wanted someone who was grounded and also experienced. Lets be real, my husband and I had never had a baby, we didn’t know what we were doing. So I hoped for a guide through the whole process. I would only suggest that if you want a doula, meet with different doulas and feel what it is like for you to be with different doulas, because as soon as we sat with Angela, I knew, I just knew she was the woman I wanted by our side. The thing about Angela is that her support of me didn’t begin at birth, she unlike other doulas, had a one-hour call with me every single month of my pregnancy, she was available by phone/text ALWAYS, and would continually check in with us (and I say “us” because she equally supports the partners).

I want to note that I wanted to have a vaginal, unmedicated birth, and yet we wanted to have it in a hospital because it helped us to feel calmer if anything were to happen. Angela 100% supported this. We did a Hypnobabies course (with a different instructor), and Angela was always in support of our work. I think that is the thing I always appreciated about Angela, is that she continually met us where we were…and what our needs were.

So my birthing time began…Angela was there. She walked with us, she meditated with me, she laid with me, she massaged my back, and she was there both emotionally and physically. Let me tell you…I labored for 40hours, and Angela was there! (Let me add that I was not there for the full 40 hours, I was with them about 30 hours). When you get into a hospital room and the midwife says “hey!” to your doula, heaps of the nurses are like “hey Angela” then you know you have made the right decision. She is sooo experienced, she knows her different locations (both hospitals and birthing centers), and medical professionals respect her. Even when she had stepped out of the room briefly, one of the nurses shared with me that they were so happy Angela was my doula because she is a rockstar, and I couldn’t agree more. I delivered at Kaiser Irvine, vaginally and unmedicated. It was AH-MAZING!!!!

Another thing that Angela was INVALUABLE with was helping managing our families during my labor. Both when we were still at our house and then the hospital, Angela helped with upholding our birthing wishes and boundaries.

I truly don’t think that our experience would have been as amazing or fulfilling without Angela.

From the Dad: First off, I was initially skeptical of needing a doula. With that said and without a doubt, I am truly grateful to have had Angela there to help us navigate the birthing process. She was instrumental helping us stay calm and collected throughout this amazing experience. She was a pillar of support and I cannot express how thankful I am for her. I whole heartedly recommend her services and support!


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