What is Birthing in Alignment with Your Innate Intelligence?


To Birth in Alignment with Your Innate Intelligence means that an elevated shift must occur within one’s consciousness about pregnancy and birth. Childbirth is experienced in either two ways, through a consciousness of fear or a consciousness of love. If you choose love, then during the remaining time of your pregnancy you are willing to wakeup to the truth about you. You are willing to do the inner work necessary to rise above your fears about pregnancy and birth. You are willing to practice and to the best of your ability keep your consciousness in alignment with the energy and activity of love that you are, come what may.

We must come to recognize at a deep soul level that each of us was created from a profound Universal Intelligence, that none of us really fully understands.  As human beings, we just work. Our bodies’ function and we do not give it a second thought. Our hearts’ beat and our lungs breathe and not by our own doing. It is because of some extraordinary Innate Intelligence that we came fully equipped with. 

This is why pregnancy and childbirth is so absolutely mind-blowing! How can one egg, one sperm create me, you, all of us, the baby growing inside of you? Pregnant woman, your body knows exactly how to care for and feed the baby inside of you. The Innate Intelligence within you is doing this. You just have to make the choice to care for yourself and eat healthy. You, the Innate Intelligence that lives within you, knows exactly how to birth your baby through and out of you. You must come to trust this. You have nine months to build a consciousness of trust and faith in the birth process and in yourself. You are here to clean up the negative thoughts and beliefs about pregnancy and childbirth that do not support the truth of who you are. The collective race consciousness of fear about childbirth has done a number on all of us, until we awaken.

However, many women are rising out of this collective and unconscious fear of birth and reclaiming the power within themselves and natural childbirth.

May you realize that the projected fear into a future event (childbirth), which has not occurred, is not real, or rational intelligent thought. Many women make up horror stories about childbirth in their own minds long before the pregnancy or birth occurs, based on another person’s birth experience. Thereby, feeding their future childbirth experience with fear and worry, then consciously or unconsciously, manifesting the birth they say they never wanted to experience in the first place.  

What does another woman’s birth experience have to do with the way you will give birth? Nothing, unless, you believe her story and make it your own.

When pregnant women begin to identify with the absolute Innate Intelligence that is who they are, this Inner Intelligence that lives within them; instead of identifying with the fear of birth, the world will have more fearless women experiencing natural and healthier births. Pregnant women will finally be acknowledging their inner divinity in relationship to the Creator (God Self; Higher Self), and that divinity is Love.

Pregnant women and expectant fathers, may you be courageous and bold within yourselves and do the inner spiritual work necessary during pregnancy and birth so that you feel emPowered, are ready to birth and be conscious, loving, confident and co-creative parents.

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 “You got my stalled labor going! Through your prayers and visualization, my stalled labor began again and ended four hours later! ”

~Kelly, Sherman Oaks, CA


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