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Your Innate Intelligence




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A Doula is Someone That Has Your Back

A Doula is Someone You Can Hold on To

“Having a natural birth would have been impossible without you at my side. Your presence was essential. When I experienced doubt you knew the truth about me and my ability. In the face of the searing white, albeit brief, pain, your face was the face of God. You held my hand and didn’t let go – you helped shephard my little girl into this world, and for that I am eternally grateful. You were like Harriet Tubman leading me to the promise land of motherhood. Thank you Angela, I love you.”

~Kelli, Los Angeles, CA


Childbirth is truly a sacred and love-filled experience.

May you use your 9+ months of pregnancy consciously and wisely so that you bring yourself into alignment with this sacred and holy journey.

May you continue to rise above any fears that you may have about childbirth, invest in yourself and allow DoulaLove’sCreation to support you throughout your pregnancy and the birth of your baby.

We honor you and we respect your birth choices.

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