A profound and uplifting Childbirth Educational experience! An experience that will result in you and your partner being on the same page about birth. Minds get expanded and hearts will open, effortlessly. Please join us!

TO REGISTER, GO TO:  https://doulalovescreation.com/classes-events-1.html  Seating is limited, so register TODAY!   THIS GATHERING IS HELD IN A PRIVATE RESIDENCE, THE ADDRESS WILL BE EMAILED TO YOU AFTER YOU REGISTER. THANK YOU!
This EmPower Your Birth Marathon is a wonderful opportunity to either jump start your pregnancy and childbirth vision OR solidify what you have already learned in your childbirth classes!  I have chosen 4 of the BEST childbirth films out there to support you on your pregnancy journey.  These films are positive, educational and uplifting about the pregnancy and childbirth process! They give an honest view of the different ways a woman can choose to birth, WITHOUT all of the drama and fear that society wants to attach to the pregnancy and childbirth experience! I put this series of films together to show pregnant women, expectant couples and families that there is another way to give birth, (no matter where you decide to birth in a hospital, home or birth center)

You have nothing to lose and absolutely EVERYTHING to gain by attending!  

IT’S GOING TO BE FUN!!  So….  Dress comfortably, bring snacks and drinks for yourself, pillows, blanket or your favorite chair! Grandparents, aunts, uncles are welcome or if you are even thinking of becoming pregnant! (No children allowed to this event. Thank you for understanding!) 

REGISTER EARLY TO RESERVE YOUR SEAT!  See you on Sunday, October 26th at 11am!

“I thought that this was really going to be a waste of my time. I thought I would be grossed out by the films, but I surprised myself. I learned so much and I’m glad I came! Thank you Angela for hosting this film marathon.”   D. Nguyen, Irvine

“I was willing to do whatever I needed to, to support my wife. Our hospital childbirth classes did not cover in detail or as honestly the things that these films covered.  My wife and I learned more in these four hours than we did in our hospital childbirth classes!  Angela is so knowledgeable about birth, clear in her teaching, and passionate. My wife and I were so convinced after the movie marathon, that we couldn’t wait to hire her as our doula. Best investment we ever made! Thanks Angela!”  A. Bernard, Los Angeles

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