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Give a heart-felt and meaningful gift to the pregnant woman/women in your life, Elevating Thought, Affirmations for Pregnancy and Birth.

“A transcended reading experience that uplifts the mind of the reader, opens the heart and nourishes the soul. A MUST have for pregnant women everywhere!”


“Beautifully wise and tender, Elevating Thought, Affirmations for Pregnancy & Birth empowers women to enter a life-enhancing birthing for themselves and their newborn. Angela Brown’s awareness of the sacredness of natural childbirth permeates this book.”

~Michael Bernard Beckwith, Author of Life Visioning


“Elevating Thought, Affirmations for Pregnancy & Birth” is both an amazing book, but also a ‘code’ for having the birth of your dreams. My daughter-in-law and son found the wonderful and gifted Angela to serve as their Doula during my granddaughter’s birth. The Truth and Wisdom that Angela knows and teaches in this book gave my children the code and the support to have the natural and non-medicated perfect birth of their dreams for their baby and themselves. I know this book has Power and Truth for every one of us.”

~Mary Morrissey, Building Your Field of Dreams

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