I would absolutely recommend Angela Brown for Hypnobabies classes, and anyone looking to have an amazing doula/birthing experience for their family and their baby.

Hypnobabies Classes
One of the biggest takeaways that my husband and I had from the Hypnobabies Classes was the amount of quality, research based information about pregnancy and childbirth that was discussed and reviewed in the class. When we finished the class, my husband and I felt empowered and informed to make the best decisions for our family and our baby. In addition, the Hypnobabies weekly class schedule and text helped us to be organized and on track to accomplish our weekly goals so we could be successful throughout this process.

The Hypnobabies scripts and tracks were so important because they helped me and my husband keep our birth intention and vision for our birth in the forefront of our mind every single day. This made envisioning what we wanted more real and tangible for us. The tracks helped me to remain calm and have a positive point of view about our journey. 

Angela as Our Doula
Prior to hiring Angela, I had a strong sense that hiring a doula to support us during our pregnancy would make our pregnancy a positive experience. After we met with Angela and had a few sessions with her, I knew she was exactly what we needed. 
Angela is one-of-a-kind. She has a real presence that she brings to the room. It’s tangible and real. She has an incredibly strong spirit and positive energy that she harnesses to help mamas and their families. She is also extremely knowledgeable and wise. On our birthing day, Angela guided us every step of the way. We spent much of our birthing time in the comfort of our home which allowed us to be present and at ease throughout the day. She was constantly giving words of encouragement and offering suggestions for how to proceed through our birthing process. She checked in with us about every two hours or so to track our progress and ensure we were doing well. Once we arrived at the hospital, Angela acted as our guide and our advocate. We were very fortunate to have a Hypnobabies friendly team at the hospital. At first, Angela allowed me to self direct my pushing. Once she saw that I needed more guided direction, she asked me first if she could help me before giving direction. When it was time for me to push, Angela helped me to center my energy and focus on exactly what I needed to do. My husband and Angela were right next to me the entire time, and I am truly grateful for that. My husband and I followed her recommendations diligently throughout our birthing process and I believe this is what led us to reaching our ultimate goal of having a non medicated vaginal, hospital birth. 

Angela As Our Pregnancy Life Coach
Angela is an amazing teacher and mentor. She helped me learn so much about myself during our pregnancy and throughout this process. When I had any doubts, she reminded me that I made the choices for how I wanted to experience our pregnancy. This made it so clear to me for how I  needed to made my decisions for me and for our baby. She also helped me to understand and acknowledge that this process and becoming a parent, requires growth and that there is always a learning curve. I learned how to be compassionate and loving towards myself. This played an important role for me being able to have peace within myself and be calm and confident throughout our pregnancy. Angela does an excellent job of staying present in the moment. She knows that listening plays a critical role in helping to guide you and your partner to reach your goals in pregnancy, whatever they might be. She always offered her sound advice and expertise but would reassure my husband and I that it was up to us to make the right decisions for our family. She was constantly encouraging and challenging me, and my partner, in positive ways to be the best version of ourselves and as future parents. I can’t say enough positive things about our life coaching.The skills are things I will use for the rest of my life.

Angela, thank you so much for all your help and guidance throughout our pregnancy, we truly appreciate all that you did for us!

A Note from Angela:

You are so welcome! It was my honor to support the three of you. Let me just add to the readers, these two were so excited, as any new first time parents would be. Hubby wanted to head off to the hospital waaay too early, at 5:45am! I calmed that down right away and they were able to do their laboring at home most of the day. Mama was doing so well managing her Hypnobabies Hypnosis that they suggested I meet them at the hospital instead of coming to their home. (Active labor began around 2:30ish). They arrived at the hospital around 5:30pm, she was 4.5cm dilated and they were moved to their birthing room around 6:15pm. I arrived around 7:30pm and mama was feeling pushy! So she began “Awwwing” the baby down with each pressure wave. Pushing really got active around 8:15pm and baby was born at 8:52pm! They had their baby boy in their arms 3.5 hrs after arriving at the hospital!

This is how natural non-medicated births can be. You can do it mamas, trust and believe! You can do it!

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