I have some questions? With all of this MIRACULOUSNESS going on within a woman while she is pregnant, why is it that so many pregnant women, believe, choose that they must have medication to numb themselves to get the baby out? Was there numbing medication while creating the baby? As Ina Mae Gaskin said, something to this effect, “The energy that put the baby in will get the baby out!”

What must occur during 9+ months of pregnancy within a pregnant woman? A shift in her psyche and consciousness?  Many pregnant women who doubt they can, are worrisome they can’t and don’t believe they can do it… birth naturally, without medication. It is time now more than ever for a shift in perception about pregnancy and childbirth, an elevation in consciousness! A development of unshakeable trust and faith! The building of individual and collective spiritual muscle during pregnancy, and/or before. It is time to dismantle the great lie about childbirth “I can’t, I won’t, I’m not able!” The lie that natural childbirth is for other women, not “me” . Preparation, trust a building of a new conscious awareness so that Love is the dominate energy during pregnancy and at the time of birth. It is time to believe in yourself, to believe in a power greater than yourself to birth forth your baby, but you must surrender, and surrender deeply. 

Client catching her own baby, with Papa’s support

There are many women upon the planet who will birth in a myriad of ways for many reasons. Medication, no medication, c-section and these women will make the best choice for themselves at the time. There are many women who have already birthed without medication and are grateful they did. Others have used medication and can’t imagine birthing without it and are grateful they did. The choice is each woman’s to make. Whichever choice a woman makes (or has made), may it be made in love, without judgment.There are pregnant women who developed health challenges and complications during pregnancy and ended up experiencing medication and/or c-sections. These are very tough experiences and I hope that they can heal the perception of the birth experience and move on to have other children in a healthier way.

I am here to raise awareness that there is an organic way to give birth. It is not very popular, but it is healthier. May you find around you just one woman who can stand with you in this choice, if you cannot, dig deep and stand with yourself and your child that will be enough. You are enough!  I have seen so many women birth without medication (in hospitals, at home, at birth centers, in water, out of water, on bed, on the floor, squatting, on all fours and standing). My goal is to support women in doing the inner work necessary before pregnancy and during pregnancy so that they are deeply anchored in a natural birth consciousness. This means that a woman trusts the natural progression of her pregnant body and truly accepts this. Natural birth is a consciousness raising, self-expansive experience in which a woman is fully engaged within herself and her child. She is listening, she is feeling. She does not make what she is feeling wrong, nor does she try to run from the sensations of labor. She works it. She is committed. For some women, this way of birthing is completely natural to them, it is not an uphill battle to conquer negative thoughts and beliefs. For them it is like water off a ducks back. It just is.

So…. what IS your Love Creating, what is driving your beliefs about childbirth?  Fear? Love? Status Quo belief? A medicated birth is not necessary, required nor mandatory. It is your choice. May you look within, dig deep, do the inner work and trust the innate Love Intelligence that you and your baby are created from. After all, Love IS Creation. ❤

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