“So your choices, each moment, to operate in fear or to operate in knowing, which is your safety, can assist you in operating in new ways to the extent that you align to the choice to do so. If you stand in your choice in this very second and ask yourself, “Where am I operating from? Am I in my knowing? Am I in my fear? Am I responding out of cultural requirements for my behavior or not? you get an understanding of who and what you are, and the choices that you will then make will be in accordance with your knowing.” By Paul Selig, The Book of Love and Creation.

How does this relate to you during pregnancy and birthing your child? During your pregnancy, while you are in childbirth, your choice is to either operate in fear or operate in knowing, which is your safety. By operating in your knowing, means you choose to be in love, to operate from this love, when you are “pregnant” or “in labor.”  You are at choice in this very second, to choose anew. You cannot choose anew if you are not aware of what you are thinking, what you are feeling. So the questions are as is quoted by Paul above, “Where am I operating from? Am I in my knowing? Am I in my fear? Am I responding to pregnancy and childbirth out of cultural beliefs and requirements… “Childbirth is painful and unmanageable;” “medications must be taken;” “I must feel comfortable during childbirth”; “I don’t want to feel any pain;” “Just knock me out!” “You’re crazy if you are having a natural birth, why would you put yourself through that?”  “What is a doula, and why do I need one?”  “Do they really help?”  “We can’t afford to hire a doula.” All of these questions, statements come up because fear is present, either fear of I don’t believe I can have a natural birth. The fear based thought that I don’t have enough money, and so on.”

How is it that pregnancy and childbirth are the  result of two people physically loving one another.  How is it that at the point of creation (orgasmic release), the growth of a child within a woman’s womb is filled with such love, miraculousness, and mind blowing joy but as childbirth draws nearer and childbirth more imminent, fear and not love becomes the prominent choice, the familiar and comfortable choice? If you are birthing from your knowing, you love, your childbirth experience will reflect this. If you are birthing from your belief in separation, your fear, your childbirth experience will reflect this. During pregnancy fears can be consciously or unconsciously pressed down, unacknowledged, ignored, affirmed over, and then toward the end of pregnancy, they can surface like a thief in the night.

Acknowledging your fears during pregnancy about childbirth, being aware of your thoughts in any given moment, will help you be honest with yourself. Only when you become aware of what is unconsciously driving you, can you make a new choice.  So many women know what they don’t want to experience during childbirth, which is a pitocin, epidural, c-section, but they have not focused enough on what they truly want to experience. What we focus on we call forth into our experience.(It is not good or bad, it just is). You have to be willing to use the nine plus months of pregnancy God has given you and do your inner work, and prepare your spirit, mind, and body for birth.

May your childbirth experience be filled with love, grace and present moment awareness by means of your breath. May you ask yourself, “What am I operating from? Love or Fear.” Remember, Love raises our frequency and draws more Love to us.

If you would like to receive support during your pregnancy and would like to set up an appointment in person or phone, please  Angela at 714-965-1694 or doulalovescreation@gmail.com. Sessions are schedule Pacific Standard Time (PST)
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