I just came across this birth story and was so delighted to read it that I wanted to share it with you.  This is about a woman who had a previous c-section and is now birthing her second child (or third not sure). She has decided to have an Unassisted Vaginal Birth after Cesarean Section. Unassisted means she is having a homebirth with no medical staff present. She only has lay people around her (sounds like her husband, doula and friend).

The reason I am sharing this story with you is because it demonstrates the level of faith and trust that pregnant women must come to embrace. Birthing without fear, means to give birth solely in the energy of love, so that fear does not rule you. If fear does show up, you do not give it power, you become aware of it and acknowledge it and choose a new thought, you work your way through it and return to love. May this story inspire you no matter where you are giving birth, be it at a hospital, at home or birth center.

Daily meditation, awareness breathing, silence without movement will strengthen you.

Pregnant women must learn to sit, breath and be still. From this place, you will come to know,  witness your thoughts and release judgments, you will feel the rhythm of your child, you will feel your inner workings of your own body.

This woman had an unassisted homebirth after c-section!  What this tells me is that she was so dissatisfied with the medical intervention pertaining to her first birth, as it did not go the way she had envisioned, that she was willing to do the profound inner work to trust and stand in what she knew to be the truth. That she could birth from within herself, trust her innate intelligence for the sake of her child. 
I am not suggesting you go out and have an unassisted homebirth or homebirth with midwife, (unless you feel in your soul it is the way you are to birth). But, I am suggesting that you allow yourself to feel the inner strength and courage this woman had to step into in order to make this choice, especially, considering the fact that the previous birth was a c-section! Can you imagined her own internal fears she overcame, the objections, the ridicule, the projected worry and fear she may have received or must have endured because of her choice.  Many of her family and friends could have still been caught up in her previous birth experience and not present with this pregnancy and birth experience. This woman, however, had to be be fully present with this current birth experience in order to have the outcome she did. She trusted herself.


May each of you build your faith and trust in birth by going within to your own silence and listening, by standing upon the shoulders and leaning into the consciousness of the women who have birthed before you and birthed well.

​Infinite blessings,


​If you would like to receive support in your pregnancy, learning to meditate, doula services, pregnancy support sessions or prayer, feel free to contact me. Thank you.

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