No matter where you choose to give birth, surrender to the flow of the childbirth experience. It is the only way.

Natural birth in hospital requires self-love, commitment, trust and surrender.
She was committed to eating healthy and exercised regularly. Came to yoga even when she felt exhausted cause she knew if she just sat in the space her energy would change. She had the nervousness of many first time mamas-to-be about childbirth. I believe she stated she was more afraid of needles and pain medications then the actual birth experience. So she committed early in her pregnancy to have a natural birth. To set herself up for success she made choices that would support her birth intention which was a natural birth. Healthy eating, regular exercise, hydrating her body, developing a meditative mind throughout pregnancy and prayer. She had a 4-5 hour labor for a first time mom. 

Natural birth in a birth center requires self-love, commitment, trust and surrender. 
This is what happens when you surrender to the flow of childbirth. Their first child was born in a hospital, a vaginal birth but medicated with epidural. She stood her ground and had to fight not to have a c-section and was successful in having a vaginal birth. This second child she chose to have naturally in a birth center. She was very determined not to have the first experience again. With the first birth, she barely felt contractions before getting an epidural, so she did not remember what they felt like and was nervous with the second one. She worked on forgiveness of the first birth experience so she could be present for the second birth experience. Breathing and surrendering.

Both of the women in this blog were deeply committed to having natural births. In their minds, it was the only choice they had.  I just realized that each one of them attended most of my prenatal yoga classes until their due date. If they missed a class, it was due to work or travel and they both would email me that they would not be in class. I was honored to be their doula.  Please use their brief stories to inspire yourself and read any of the other birth stories on this blog. You can do this!

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