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Over these past nine years as a birth doula, the primary concern I have heard from expectant mothers is how fearful they are of the pain of labor.  Our society, (traditional childbirth education classes) does not teach how to manage pain and discomfort positively, confidently and successfully.  Childbirth takes time and it is work.  Hospitals know this and that is one of the reasons that the epidural is at the ready.   The collective mentality about labor is “You don’t have to put yourself through this.”  Through what?  As my client put it so eloquently, “No, I don’t need a wheelchair, it’s just labor.. sheeze!”  Childbirth requires the pregnant woman to be internally focused and calmed from within.  She must listen within and attune to the innate Intelligence of her body so that she knows how to move, how to breathe, how to SURRENDER in order to support her baby through and out of her body.

This Pregnancy Workshop “Birthing in Alignment with the Intelligence that You Are” provides (more like reminds) a pregnant woman (and partner) of the skills she already possesses in order to birth forth her child in grace, confidence and faith.  Pain medication is always an option during labor.  I ask women, if you had the option of having your ideal childbirth experience, would you prefer to birth your child with pain medication or without pain medication?  Ninety percent of them say without pain medication. Most women want to birth forth their children without medical intervention. The problem is many women do not believe they can experience a natural non-medicated birth.  I am here to tell you that not only is it possible, I have seen it over and over.  I believe that you can do it!  I know you can do it!  The key to having a natural birth is doing the conscientious work required during your pregnancy and labor.  (If you are moved to find out more, click on the link at the bottom and register.  The deadline to register is Wed. 8/22/2012 and seating is limited!)

This workshop will support you in recognizing your inner strength, you will  be reminded and begin to trust what your body is able to do… birth.  In the course of reminding you of what you already know, you will relearn tools to effectively manage your “thoughts” while in labor.  No matter where you are in your pregnancy, you can start right now in making a new choice in supporting yourself and your baby.  The ultimate goal is to have a healthy baby.  If receiving pain medications during labor best supports your journey, then that is what you are to do.  But before you get to the pain medication, may you know in your heart that you have done and gone as far as you can go in the labor process.  No matter how you choose to give birth, may you do it laboring in love, be willing to relinquish any feelings of guilt that may surface about past or present choices and be very quick to offer yourself forgiveness.   I advocate women having their best birth experience and these experiences vary from woman to woman.  So… pregnant mamas, do your best! Do your best! 

I am aware that birth is full of the unexpected. However, for the healthy woman who is not health challenged, please consider opening your heart and minds to experiencing a natural birth.  Be willing to push through the fears and doubts.  A natural birth supports your health and your baby’s health greatly and your recovery time is much faster.  To those women who have had complication upon complication with their pregnancy and your delivery is to be a c-section, you too, can benefit greatly from this workshop.

Educate yourself now! Open your mind to new possibilities!  Remember long ago, the collective belief was that the earth was flat, if you sailed too far, you’d fall of the edge!  Fear is a natural human response.  Our forefathers knew this in their exploration of uncharted territory and they did not allow this fear to stop them.  Pregnancy, parenthood is uncharted territory for the first time pregnant mom and dad.  These explorers did not set sail by themselves, they had a crew who believed as they believed, a crew who supported their vision, a crew who supported them when the seas got rough and fear set in.  Pregnant Mamas, who is a part of your birth crew?  Are you being positively supported in a new vision about pregnancy and childbirth or, are you engaging with a crew that believes that medication, epidurals is the only way, the best way to birth?  One of the keys to having a natural birth is to have a supportive crew of at least two while you birth!
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I hope to see you at the workshop on August 25th!
Go to:  https://doulalovescreation.com/Events.html to Register TODAY, Seating is Limited!

In gratitude and love,

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