Is your consciousness elevating your household or weighing it down?  Exam the self honestly, authentically, lovingly and with forgiveness. My mama used to say, “if she or he knew better she/he would do better.”  Now that we are learning and knowing better, let us do better.

Conscious Parenting – Commitment – How are you Parenting?
“Both partners intentionally and fully committed to the relationship and parenting, knowing that they will be challenged and stretched beyond their limits to touch dimensions they never knew existed! The more you honorably put your whole energy into your commitment, the more you feel the experience of fulfillment. Call upon your inner strength and you will be carried through the challenges into the blessing. Worrying is prayer in reverse. Prayer is connecting your mind with your inner, Infinite strength.”

“In order to create trust and understanding, first understand the opinion of your partner, present your opinion, and then elevate each other.  Open a space for development and change; do not push your opinions.” (Conscious Pregnancy)


With love,

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