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The world was glued to the national news about Kate and Prince William’s engagement; we were glued to the television when they married; and once again we will be glued to the television to hear any announcement pertaining to the birth of their first child, the future King or Queen of England!
A major change in the way women view birth in American and the way they give birth in America may occur because of this beloved woman, the Duchess of Cambridge and her Prince! Many around the world copied her engagement ring, copied her wedding dress…. well…. don’t stop there! She is birthing her child in the UK where they offer FREE prenatal care and birthing to all women, not just for the rich or just for the duchesses! And… the primary care persons are Midwives! Now in Kate’s case, she has two OBGYNS to care for her and baby. (Personally, I believe a midwife is more than qualified to support Kate during her birthing. Maybe when the next heir is born, they will have an OBGYN and Midwife present… I can hope.)  Even though she has two Obstetricians, I would dare venture to say that the Royal Family (Kate and William’s choice, ummmm?) will do all things possible to make sure that this child is born in the healthiest way possible, meaning with as little to no medical intervention during the birth process.  We may never know how she gave birth, natural, medicated or c-section.  I write this article because where Kate is concerned and no matter what she does or where she goes, she impacts the world, especially, young pregnant women and the future mother’s in American! So mamas-to-be pay very close attention to how other women in other countries are birthing their babies!  The U.S. used to believe and birth in this way.
If many in the world did not know this, they know now because of Kate’s pregnancy that the UK provides FREE prenatal care and childbirth to all women, plus, MIDWIVES are the PRIMARY CAREGIVERS during PREGNANCY!  So it seems that most women in the UK (and in most other countries, except America) believe in “natural childbirth,” allowing the woman’s body to do what it was meant to do, which is to give birth naturally without medical intervention.
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(Note: If you are a healthy pregnant woman, the baby within your womb is healthy, may I highly suggest that you choose the natural way to birth, it is healthier for you and your baby!  Choosing  natural childbirth requires you to be fully responsible and conscious of your choices) (For those pregnant women who are experiencing challenges during pregnancy, your choices are quite different, but are equally conscious and infused with great responsibility and tough choices. May you make the best choices you can and be in acceptance of your own unique pregnancy and birthing journey.)

Blessings, love and light to each of you,


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