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Childbirth requires you to listen into yourself, requires patience, being in the moment. How are you going to successfully manage and cope with the “pain” of childbirth? How will you stave off panic, fear, exhaustion, should one or all three arise? How will you manage the hospital staff should you feel pressured to make a choice or birth in a way you don’t wish to? Do you know?  It is very important to educate yourself with quality childbirth educators that will give you an accurate and well-rounded approach to the birthing process.  Invest in yourself and your child and build a powerful consciousness in order to make clear and informed decisions about birth so that you have a trauma free birth experience.  You and your child, at the very least, deserve this much.Read Holly’s story below:“I think about Holly and how she was automatically given an epidural by the doctor when she got to the hospital. Of course it makes sense that mothers who have no experience of their vastness would want that. When we don’t know how to handle pain, we want to run from it. It’s an alien concept in our culture to consider that any form of pain can actually be useful. When you don’t have techniques to cope with normal pain, or even the experience of being uncomfortable, you will believe something is wrong. If you take the time now to give yourself tools to come to know your body and the power of your mind, so much can be accomplished. Pain can truly be transformed into sensation. 

Childbirth is a transcendent experience. Going through childbirth without drugs can give you a new sense of power that you never knew existed, giving you a sense of strength that will change the way you approach future challenges. When we feel in charge of our birth experience, we may go into (birthing) and mothering more confidently and make choices that are in the best interest of our children, even if those choices go against the grain of what the rest of society is doing.” Bountiful, Beautiful, Blissful by Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa

So… after reading that story, how prepared do feel in having a hospital birth? Do you want the medical staff to hear your voice and honor and respect your choices during childbirth?  Are you prepared to standup to hospital birth protocol? Do you want to remain calm and centered as you birth? Do you want to avoid a c-section? Well… if the answer to any one of these questions is YES, then register TODAY for this Empowering Pregnancy Seminar! Your child deserves your full conscious participation and attention in his or her birth. If you are healthy and your baby is healthy, don’t just hand yourself over to the medical staff, there is another way. It is your choice to have an empowered birth. Remember, you are an expert about your own body, what you feel inside, how the baby moves; pregnancy gives you the wonderful opportunity to develop trust in yourself and stand in your expertise!

To Register and Reserve your seat go to: 

 Saturday, March 15th @ Mother Tree Sanctuary, 1720 Adams Avenue, 2nd Flr Piecemakers, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

To Register and Reserve your seat for Mother Tree Sanctuary go to:!calendar-classes-now/c1xqd Seating is limited!

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