Someone asked this question on facebook.  Does singing during labor help? My response was: Yes! singing in labor most definitely helps. I was with clients on a birth and my client loved for her husband to sing to her through her contractions in Hebrew. They sang in Hebrew and I hummed along. Now if you look at my profile, you will know that I am not Jewish… anyway, he had to go move the car. While he was gone she had another contraction and another and and another… I got to humming and making up words similar to what I thought he had been singing Halaheem, Hallahum, Hallaheem, Hallahum (they weren’t really saying those words, you really had to be there, you get my drift). I’m laughing now just thinking back. Well my humming and mimicking was enough to have her catch the tune again and she started singing it during contractions and we kept it up until he got back, thank God. The things a doula will do to keep mama calm and focused! She was 8centimeters (the transition phase of labor, very intense time) and had a non-medicated birth. We sang her through!

Check out the attached video and see for yourself, just beautiful:
 Aaaaah yes, birth like this is so possible!

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