Susie birthing baby Ethan and 
Ethan birthing Susie
TODAY, Saturday, June 21, 2013 is Ethan’s Blessing, I have the honor of officiating! So grateful I am!
Below is what I wrote a year and a half ago.
Blessings to my clients and their new baby boy, Ethan!
Born, Wednesday, January 18, 2012
Susie Borja is a PHENOMENAL WOMAN! To quote Susie, “It was Easy Breezy.” Your faith, conviction, trust and surrender to that innate power within you saw you through the birth of your beloved son. 
My heart is so full, so happy and filled with love for you, Patrick and your family! You labored with such grace and ease. The whole day you were serene and anchored within your loving. I saw you embrace each contraction and breathe through it. You validated your son and trusted him (that he would know how to move through you), and your body every time you took a deep inhale and exhale with each contraction. Never did you lose faith, falter, waiver or allow fear to get the best of you. Nor did you whine, complain or try and rush the process, you allowed. 

You birthed the way I pray many women will again remember to, you focused on the Holy and Majestic child of God coming through you instead of fixating on the “perception of pain” during labor. You and Patrick held a vision and met it. Congratulations on an EXCELLENT job well done! It was my honor and privilege to support you and Patrick through this journey. 
I am deeply humbled and grateful. Thank you!
I Love You All!

What a joy to behold a woman as she births and has the birth she so truly wants.  My prayer is that women realize they can birth naturally if they choose to.  Of course, there are unique circumstances where a baby must come through with emergency birth procedures or have a pre-scheduled c-section.  (I believe all births in whatever form they occur are an predestined agreement between that child and its mother).  
May each woman be willing to move toward pregnancy and childbirth with a new set of eyes, with deeper surrender and trust in herself and the birth process.  May she be willing to heal old wounds and thought perceptions about birth that are filled with fear, drama, trauma, “no one births like that anymore, mentality.”  May she find her own voice and hear the whisper of her own soul on how to birth and not listen to the voices of women and men who believe that birth is painful and that an epidural is mandatory.  Not!  Harmonious childbirth can be done and done well, without medication, but there must be a shift in consciousness and a willingness to get support so that one firmly pushes through the old thoughts of fear that do not support the loving intention to birth naturally.   
There is no wrong way to birth, but there are conscious and unconscious approaches to everything in life.  These writings are not to perpetuate guilt about the way one has birthed or will birth, but to offer a new reality and ultimately forgiveness toward oneself, pertaining to birthing or any situation in our life where we could have chosen differently and did not.  May we  forgive ourselves if we are still holding judgments, regrets about our past choices. We each do the best we can with where we are in consciousness at that particular time.

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