Smiling in the midst of intensity 


 I think my world as I knew it is about to change


   Born, December 16, 2010, 6lbs, 15oz, 20in.
    Welcome dear one and Happy Birthday!  What a wonderful and glorious day for you to be born.  Your dad called me Thursday morning at 2:16a.m., we had all been in great anticipation and excitement waiting for you.  Your mom said she felt mild contractions (birth waves) around 12 midnight and these birth waves got more intense around 2:00 am., and your dad called me shortly thereafter.

     I was so honored to attend your birth Kaiah.  You are such a quiet, all knowing, conscious human being.  I know that you have an incredible and enlightened journey before you. You have within you all of the qualities that I mentioned,  above and then some… you are innocent, courageous, filled with strength, focused, determined, love, inner power, creative, intelligent, radiant and so much more.  Remember, Kaiah, why you have come here.  You are here to express your true Divinity, your true gifts of the Spirit, that which is your Destiny!  No one else has this gift(s) that you bring, only you can fulfill your Soul’s journey here.  Kaiah, you have all that you need within you to live a life in Truth, Love, Abundance, Health, Happiness and Gratitude.  Living in the Spirit comes naturally to you Kaiah, because Pure Spirit is who you truly are, who we all are. You dear one will remember this, know this, walk in this truth.  You are God’s Beloved Son – in
masculine form, here to live an absolutely profound and hugely imaginative Life!  
       Go ahead little one, laugh, giggle and crack yourself up in joy as you discover the profound life’s journeys ahead of you.  Enjoy your Life Kaiah! Live it well and have Fun! And remember, Love the Lord Thy God with all of your Heart, all of your soul and all of your Mind.  I love You, Auntie Doula

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