“The first visit I had with Angela Brown, I immediately felt safe and comforted in her presence.  I had learned about Angela online through visiting her website, as I searched for a doula that seemed to understand my birthing mentality. Seeing Angela’s website and birthing philosophy resonated with my own outlook on giving birth: that is a sacred, special, and natural process, that should be valued and nurtured. 

I felt relieved to find Angela, and even more relieved when I met her in person. She has a wisdom and understanding presence about her that made me feel secure and confident in a world that often makes pregnant women feel strange and insecure.  While I had my own fears and personal hardships that surfaced during my pregnancy, Angela listened to my thoughts and concerns as we spoke weekly. She never judged my thoughts or concerns. She only listened, gave healing advice, and encouragement that helped me in moments when I needed a voice of clarity, and could not hear my own. When it came time to give birth, Angela was right there with me, holding my hand. As I was skeptical of hospital procedures and practices, Angela gave me solid information and a calm voice to listen to during the long hours at the hospital. She honored my desires in birthing, she supported me in a situation that most people cannot face. What I love most about my experience with Angela, is that she is not afraid. She does not shy away. She is confident in her abilities, and her confidence radiates to her clients (to me) in a way that eases fear or tension during the birthing process. I am truly blessed to have had Angela Brown present with me during my pregnancy and during my delivery. I achieved my birthing goals with her help, and could not
have made it through without her. Thank You Angela.”

E.E., Dana Point, CA

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