The Birth of Giovanni Miguel

Dearest Mini,

I witnessed you on Friday morning, July 19, 2013, peel back the layers of fear and question… I witnessed you surrender and stand without reservation in your God Power, the Divine Feminine within you, that is you, as you birthed forth your beloved son, Giovanni Miguel.  What an incredible journey of faith you demonstrated for yourself, family, friends and all of humanity! I am deeply, deeply honored to have been by your side these past 3+ months.  You my dear Mini are an extraordinary and beautiful woman. I have the photos to prove it!  I witnessed a wife and her husband, a mother and father birth their son together. Your beloved husband, Martin is God’s humbled man in service to his wife and his sons.  His heart so full of joy to be the first human, the first human! to put his hands on his son as Giovanni was birthed into this world.  What an extraordinary moment for Giovanni to have his father catch him as he gently spilled from his mama’s sacred womb, the home he shared with you for nine months. What a powerful and relief-filled moment to have his papa right there to catch him. I am sure that your son Giovanni will never forget the moment of his birth, I certainly will not. 

As Giovanni was in two worlds at the same time (the visible and invisible), and being fully supported by both his parents, his father gently cradling his emerged head in his hand until the rest of his body could come out; while you patiently waited for the next birth wave (contraction) so that you could completely release him from your womb.  This is the only time during pregnancy (during labor) where a mother and father can simultaneously physically touch their child at the exact same time while the child is still in the womb. This was so breathtaking to watch.  You and Martin worked as one as you both birthed your son. He held every part of you up during your birth experience.


This was phenomenal to behold. After Giovanni was completely in this world, the two of you barely spoke. Time stopped, others ceased to exist except for the three of you. There was a deep silence of gratitude where only the energy and activity of love rang out. It was palpable.  Thank you Mini, Martin and Giovanni for allowing me to yet again, bear witness. I am deeply grateful.

Welcome to the world Giovanni, you’ve come to do great things!
Birthed at South Coast Midiwifery in Irvine.

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