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EmPowered Pregnancy & Birth Workshop

Igniting the Power Within Yourself, Your Pregnancy, & Your Birth!

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Date:  Saturday, August 19, 2017 (CLASS FULL)

Time:  11:00am – 4:30pm

Location: Integrated Birth, 18600 Main St. #110, Huntington Beach, CA, 

Huntington Beach, CA 92646

2017 Workshops

  • Saturday, January 21, 2017
  • Saturday February 18, 2017
  • Saturday, April 22, 2017 
  • Saturday, June 17, 2017
  • Saturday, August 19, 2017
  • Saturday, September 16, 2017
  • All Workshops will be held at Integrated Birth from 11am – 4:30pm.

This Phenomenal Pregnancy Workshop (5-hours) was created to support pregnant women and expectant couples in experiencing confident, powerful and calm births in a hospital setting, at home or at a birth center. To begin to experience a confident, less anxious birth, one must begin to shift any old perceptions and beliefs that are held about pregnancy and birth. It is my intention to help pregnant women and expectant couples to move beyond the belief that childbirth has to be feared, painful, traumatic, medically induced and/or medicated.

There has been a false belief running rampant in our society that a woman is powerless as she births forth HER own child and that she can’t possibly know what is good for herself during childbirth. And… this my dear mamas-to-be, is a great lie.  You already have the POWER within you to birth forth your child naturally. You may just need to be reminded of this truth and begin to develop the trust in yourself and the birth process. I invite you to open your mind and heart and fully investigate your birthing options and take the classes that will support you in having your highest and best childbirth experience. In this workshop you and your partner will get the opportunity to view pregnancy and childbirth from a truth-centered awareness, and you will be able to maintain this awareness throughout the remaining months, weeks and days of your pregnancy. 

This workshop is a sacred experience and honors the truth that a woman is designed to give birth, her body knows how to birth. You will leave this workshop feeling more confident and grounded as a woman about to become a mother, and a man who is about to become a father. You will come to know and trust your ability to be able to birth, and birth well. You will be inspired, uplifted by your own consciousness, and reminded about the miraculousness of pregnancy and the childbirth experience. You will remember that how you experience pregnancy and childbirth is your choice and that you no longer choose to birth in fear but in love, faith, confidence and gratitude!

(Note: Hospitals provide millions of women with safe deliveries each year and in some birth instances, medication and/or cesareans may happen. However, to birth well and in your power when birthing at a hospital, you must become educated and know what you are walking into. This workshop will help prepare you and your partner for a hospital, home or birth a center birth.) 

Blessings and love to you,


Classes and Events

“Having had taken the Bradley Method birth course and various baby classes at Hoag, I still found tremendous value in Angela’s Pregnancy Workshop. I know other women who feel they’ve taken a birth class (or enough baby/pregnancy classes) that they wouldn’t gain much from another class, but Angela brings so much more to her workshop. If you desire a conscious and empowered birth, it only makes sense to take her workshop since other classes focus on the academic fundamentals and don’t address things such as your thoughts, your breath, your mindset, your fears and how these can have a positive or negative effect on your birth experience. She address how to have a home birth or natural birth experience in a hospital (if a hospital is your choice) ways to navigate the hospital system and protocol so you can be empowered and negotiate with the hospital staff, and know what your options are. This prepares a person and empowers a person to have some control over their birth experience even in a hospital setting rather than just have a standard hospital birth. As much as I felt I knew, I still learned more. Part of her workshop includes videos most people haven’t seen before. I know I had watched quite a few movies, videos, and read numerous books. But the videos she included in her workshop were new to me. As she said it’s important to see birth stories that you want and one’s you don’t want so you can be clear about how you’ll choose to birth, and who will be on your birth team (doctor, midwife etc..) She addresses the individual needs of the people who are in the workshop. In the one I went to we had women who were 11 weeks pregnant, 16, weeks, 27 weeks, and me at past due. There was quite a range and Angela was able to have her material resonate with each of us even though we were all at different stages in their pregnancy. Her workshop included massage techniques and working with your partner. You can also go to the workshop without your partner if you need to and still gain so much. It’s ideal to have one’s partner there. I wish I had taken her Pregnancy workshop earlier, but I had thought I had so much time left in my pregnancy I would always go later, then next thing I know I’m 37 weeks pregnant and her next workshop is scheduled for the day after my due date. I’m glad I was able to make her workshop and I’d recommend every pregnant woman (and her partner if they can) to take Angela’s pregnancy workshop, don’t wait until later. And even if you’ve taken other birth classes and baby classes, this one is very different it will empower you to have more say in your birth experience and help you set yourself up to have the birth you desire rather than just roll with it and hope for the best. I knew Angela from her prenatal yoga classes at Seventh Chakra Yoga and have been loving those Yoga classes for many months. She brings so much love, care, information and guidance to her students. What she offers is truly unique. I love the mediation and spirituality she brings to her Yoga classes, and how she brings the mindset of applying yoga to labor. She does different yoga sequences that strengthen the ability and endurance needed for birth, such as her squatting sequences, and reminds to breathe through the pain and challenge as one would do in labor. She guides us to be mindful of the thought process needed for a natural birth. This regular practice is incredibly beneficial for anyone who wants to have a conscious Intune birthing experience. Her prenatal yoga classes are great throughout pregnancy from early on first trimester all the way through the end of pregnancy. I truly appreciate the knowledge she shares with us from her years as a Doula, a Nurse, and a Yogi.”


Aileen P., Huntington Beach, CA

“I had such an eye opening experience attending a workshop with Angela last Sunday. We were exposed to so much information and some amazing videos showing how incredible labor truly is. I’ve always thought and looked at labor like a painful and uncomfortable experience but I was proven wrong after this workshop. The biggest take away I had was knowing that I am the one in charge! I am the one who makes the decisions for my labor and how my baby will be brought into the world. I left feeling so empowered to learn more, come up with a birth plan, and to have Angela be with me the whole step of the way. I’m excited to start yoga with her and to build an even better relationship to help me be as prepared and centered as possible for my angel to enter this world. Thank you for such an amazing experience Angela can’t wait to see you again!”
Haylee C., Costa Mesa, CA

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